What about my warranty?

"My car is still under warranty – will this be affected if I have it serviced by an independent garage such as Automerc Service?"

There is a widely held misconception that servicing by an independent garage will invalidate, or in some way affect, your new or used car warranty. However, in 2004 the Office of Fair Trading removed such restrictive practices to encourage more open and fair competition for the benefit of you, the consumer. To clear up the issue in your own mind, why not have a look at the OFT press release on car warranties and servicing.www.oft.gov.uk/news/press/2004/85-04

The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT), to which most car manufacturers, including Mercedes-Benz, BMW and VW belong, have also published their own guide which provides further peace of mind when using an independent garage. The SMMT guide. Get Acrobat Reader

We at AUTOMERC SERVICE can assure you that we only use original or o.e.m. (original equipment manufacturer) parts which comply with your car manufacturer’s specifications, so conforming to the terms and conditions of your new or used car warranty.